Glass is used by decorators today in the same manner it was used in original mid-century homes. Glass offers a clean, unfussy way of providing both stability and openness to any room. Whether you prefer a minimalist or a more luxurious approach to home decor, glass is easily incorporated into your personal vision. It easily adapts to new colors and themes as tastes change.

Glass is flexible and available in a variety of thicknesses. Alternative materials that mimic glass are options for home projects where the furnishings are subject to more rigorous activities. As you update your home, consider glass a part of the framework and enhancement of the following three social and private spaces.

The Bathroom
Glass shower and tub surrounds turn ordinary home bathrooms into home spas. These glass shower and tub enclosures are common features in high-end hotel bathrooms and luxury homes. Glass shower doors show off artistic tile work and stone masonry in the shower and tub area. They make tiny bathrooms expand without requiring a view-blocking, mold-growing shower curtain.

Up and coming uses for glass in the bathroom are the sink and counter areas. Glass is placed over marble or wood countertops to provide color and textural interest with a smooth, easy-care surface. Sinks are made out of artistically blown glass bowls outfitted with faucets and placed on concrete or wooden vanity tops.

Get even more use out of glass in the bathroom by using it as shelving. The transparent material can be used for beauty product storage on wall brackets, staggered storage in the linen closet, and extra towel storage on a space-saving shelf over the toilet. Glass doesn't detract from the look or dimensions of even the teeniest bathroom.

The Home Office
If you've been feeling a bit sluggish in your home work space, perk up the office morale with glass accents. Instead of having a desk covered in framed photos and mementos, place the pictures and souvenirs under a thick piece of glass on your desk top. You can still see your treasures, but your desktop is less cluttered, so you can be more productive.

If you want to feel more connected to the rest of your household, install French doors that allow you to see what's going on outside your office. Even when the doors are closed for privacy during your important calls and deep-thinking sessions, you feel more secure having a view to other parts of your home.

Studies have shown that people who work with daylight streaming into their nearby windows tend to have fewer sick days than people devoid of natural daylight during the work day. Install new picture windows in the office to increase your vistas and your output. If your old windows are drafty and inefficient, new office windows will lower your energy bills, too.

The Entertainment Zone
Glass is perfect for areas in the home where you entertain. It's easy to clean and sanitize, so it's always ready for company. It works well when used as a partition material or sliding entry way between socializing areas, since it divides the spaces yet allows visual access.

Glass takes on the character of the colors and shapes that surround it. By allowing clear views of room features and reflecting shape and light, glass is like your own loyal event assistant, making sure everyone enjoys the effects of your string lights and notices the refreshments on the side table.

DIY coffee table bases are popping up all over high-end homes and galleries. One innovative approach to table design is the mixed-material table. Glass and wood combinations are being created in rustic, industrial, and artistic designs for use as cocktail, coffee, and end tables.

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